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Example of battery display from the CPU video showing 48 volt off grid system.

This package has the Gen 3, 200AH pack and includes most components you will need.

Over 20kWh of GBS battery, EMS boards being assembled for testing before shipment.

EPS CPU for monitoring and protecting the GBS batteries. EMS boards connect to each battery and communicate with the CPU.

We have been a dealer for Elite Power Solutions (EPS) for over 3 years. EPS battery packages are very advanced and require assembly. These are not drop in batteries like Relion and LiFeBlue. You must have some the knowledge and skills to assemble these components to be successful with the EPS system. By providing your own labor, EPS battery system costs are lower compared to most others.

EPS uses batteries made by GBS. GBS, like LiFeBlue and Relion, uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry. However, GBS has an added Manganese to the cathode material and are referred to as LFMP cells. The batteries can be configured to any voltage in 12 volt steps up to 500 volts making them very versatile for most applications. The maximum recommended capacity is 500AH for any voltage due to a design limitation with the CPU capacity meter. If you need over 500AH, we recommend using an external capacity meter.

EPS has developed the EMS system that uses a CPU and sense boards with serial data communication. This makes a highly functional and clean configuration. The CPU communicates with the sense boards to monitor each cells temperature and voltage. The CPU can control charge sources or loads to protect the battery from over charge or over-discharge. This makes the EPS offerings a truly integrated solution. The CPU also has a video port to display battery information to any monitor with a video input. This means you can view your battery info on most TV’s or on the 7” LCD display panel that we provide. The signal can be split to view in multiple locations at the same time.

Another feature included with the EMS sense board are automatic cell balancers. Each time you charge the battery, the balancers keep all cells very close to the same voltage, typically within 0.02 volts!

Where Relion and LiFeBlue are limited to 100 amperes discharge per battery, EPS offers up to 3C charge and  discharge rates. This allows small battery banks to power high current items or multiple loads simultaneously.

We offer several packages made from EPS components and include most common items you will need as shown in the package picture below. Adding these parts is a great timesaver to the DIY builder.