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Can I Buy LiFeBlue Battery online?
Yes, go to the LiFeBlue website and sellect your battery. Click on the battery you want and look for the "Add To Cart" button.
Can I Buy These At Your Store?
Yes. Note that the retail store is seasonal from November 1st to May 1st. Be sure to contact us first outside of those dates.
What kind of payments do you accept?
We can send you an invoice or you can use the online cart at LiFeBlue Battery. Both ways use the secure PayPal invoice system where you can use most credit cards or any other method they accept.
Do you offer any discounts?
No, our price is the same to everyone.

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions


About Lithium Batteries

Charging Lithium Batteries

Choosing The Size

Can I use my PV solar controller to charge the battery?
Charging from PV solar power is a good way to keep the battery ready for use. The best controller will be programmable to charge up to 14.6 volts and then reduce the voltage to 13.8 volts. You may not use temperature compensation with any charger including PV solar controllers.
Can I use my alternator to charge with?
Alternators are a great charge source. Nothing special is needed to use your alternator. However, it is good to install a disconnect switch so you can stop charging if the battery is full.
Do I have to buy new inverter/charger?
Older inverter chargers can be used. Set the Battery Type to AGM.
Can I charge the battery if it is below freezing?
No. All lithium ion batteries can be damaged if you charge them when a cell is lower than 32° F. Use the Smart Connect app to check the temperature. You can turn on a heavy load to help warm the battery or use other means.
What is the difference between LiFeBlue and Lead Acid?
There are many differences between lead batteries whether they be flooded, AGM or GEL, and li-ion batteries. See our web page "LiFeBlue Advantages".
Are LiFeBlue Batteries safe?
LiFeBlue Battery uses the safest type of chemistry, Lithium Iron Phosphate or LiFePO4. In addition to being a much safer chemistry, LiFeBlue also has Battery Management System (BMS) to protect the battery from accidental overcharge, over temperature or over-discharge.
What are the disadvantages?
High initial cost is viewed as a disadvantage but when considering life cycles the overall cost is less than AGM batteries. You may need to replace your charger or converter.
How do I store my RV with LiFeBlue batteries installed?
LiFeBlue Batteries are ideal for people that store their RV or boat. Using the Smart Connect, discharge the battery to 50%. Then turn off the battery with a disconnect switch or disconnect the negative cables. You can leave the battery like this for many months. When you return, charge the battery and it's ready to use again.
Do LiFeBlue Battery require any maintenance?
The only maintenance is to occasionally check the battery bolt torque specified in the LiFeBlue Battery Safety Guidelines and Instructions.
Do the batteries need the be vented?
No. There are no emissions from the battery.
What size battery sholud I buy?
A larger battery bank means you can run longer before you must recharge. Our recommendation is to have twice as much as you use on average. For example, if you discharge 200AH before you recharge the battery, a 400AH bank is a good choice. It is good to have some reserve capacity and batteries will last many more years if you only partially discharge them.
How many batteries do I need?
It is very important to understand this: Each LiFeBlue battery has a maximum discharge current of 100 amps. This is multiplied with batteries in parallel. If you need to use more than 100 amps at any time, you must buy more than one battery. Example: Three 100AH batteries in parallel can deliver 300 amps while one 300AH battery can only deliver 100 amps. Contact us if you need more clarity about this before you buy.
Can I buy one battery now and add more later?
Yes, but you may experience problems. Batteries loose capacity as they age. When you have batteries of different capacity, one BMS will turn off the lowest battery while any parallel battery tries to cary the load. This only occurs if you completely discharge the battery bank.
Can I use 100% of the battery?
Yes. If you need to use the full capacity of the battery, you can. The result is you will have a much shorter overall battery life.
Can I mix different size batteries together?
No. All the batteries must be the same model when in series or parallel.