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You might wonder, How can anyone offer a Lifetime Guarantee? The answer is really simple: Use the best materials, do the best work, never cut corners, never compromise. At Starlight Solar, that’s how we perform every installation.

First, we choose to stock and sell quality parts and equipment made in the US and Canada. We look for the best quality we can find. Other companies choose products based on profit or the lowest price. We will never do that.

Second, we perform our installations according to high standards designed for safety and long lasting performance. This work takes longer to do and that’s why most other RV solar companies can’t match our installation quality or offer you a Lifetime Guarantee.

Third, we never take shortcuts just to get done quicker. To do any job the right way, you can’t compromise. Our installers are very conscientious and have a commitment to always doing the job right, never compromising. 

Here’s our Guarantee:

If any part of our installation work fails, we will repair it. 

Terms of Guarantee

You must return to our store with your RV. We will examine the problem you are having. If we determine that the problem is due to the way we installed any parts or equipment, we will repair it at no cost to you. 


     1.     This Guarantee is to the RV owner when installed and ends on the date the RV is no longer owned by you.

     2.     We will not pay anyone else to repair our work without our written consent.

     3.     Any alteration of our installation by others may be cause for us to deny any claim.

     4.     This Guarantee is for our installation work only and does not apply to the equipment or components installed by us. However, we will try to  handle equipment warranty for you on items that we install.