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Our installations are by appointment only. From December to May we are usually booked 4-8 weeks in advance so plan far ahead. If you have a small job we will always try to squeeze it in. 


First, read this page to understand aspects of the job and our requirements.

Next, come to the store, call or email me to discuss the work you want done. We schedule an appointment for a specific time and date for the work you want done. 

To set up an appointment, click here to email me


We charge an appointment fee of $250 if you want to schedule an installation or service appointment. The fee is fully refundable if you cancel the appointment at least 10 calendar days before your scheduled appointment. The fee will be deducted from the service or installation parts and labor charged on your invoice. DETAILS HERE.

IMPORTANT: If you have not paid the appointment fee, you do not have an appointment.

When we put you on our schedule, the job is very specific and we allot time only for that job. If you want additional work done, we may not have time available and you may need to schedule time for the additional work at a later date.


We are located near 4E and 32nd Street in Yuma in the Curtis Industrial Park. DIRECTIONS HERE.


Upon your arrival for job, we will review the work to be done. If after reviewing your job we determine it will take longer than estimated, you may have to stay longer for us to find time to complete your job. We will work late and weekends if necessary to complete your job but please be prepared to stay longer in case this happens. This rarely happens but sometimes we miss the time estimate if we have not seen the RV prior to your appointment. 

If any portion of your RV power system was done in a way that presents a fire hazard or poor workmanship that could lead to failure, those items will be discussed with you. These items must be corrected before any work begins. Note that sometimes even the manufacturers workmanship is poor enough for us to require repairs. 


If another RV is on the installation pad when you arrive, please park on the street until that RV is moved out.

You may arrive the night before your appointment. Please park on the street if you are a large rig or towing. Small RV’s can park in the parking lot. This lot is shared with another business so please stay to the south side of the lot. There are no hookups.

If your appointment is for 8AM: 

Motorhomes: pull in the south driveway and head straight onto the concrete pad beside the building. Please keep to the far left side on the concrete pad.


5th wheel or trailer: pull into the lot 2nd (North) entrance, head towards the South exit, then back onto the concrete pad beside the building. 

Please keep to the far right (south) side on the pad. Disconnect and move your tow vehicle to the parking lot.

If you need any assistance in maneuvering, please stop and ask us for help. 

Please lower your jacks and/or empty your air bags to stabilize the RV.


Once you are parked on the installation pad, we will review the entire job with you before starting any work and provide an estimate of the cost.

You may need to remove some or all items from your storage bays so we can access all areas.

If we need to run wiring inside the RV, we may need access to areas by opening and/or removing drawers and cabinets. If necessary, you may need to clear out some spaces or drawers before leaving. 

Once we have outlined the job and you understand and approve, take what you need and leave the work area. The work area will be closed off. You must not enter the area without asking us first. We will stop the job and make the area safe for you to enter.

If you have any concerns about the job, just ask us and we will stop the work and review the issue. 

There may be 1 to 3 installers working on your RV at any time.


You may not stay inside your RV or in the work area during the job.

If you have pets, they must be secured in a carrier or in a room that we will not need to enter or you may take them with you. We are pet friendly in our store and love to meet your companions.

There is a restroom in our shop for your use.

If you choose to stay at our store while the work is done, we have a limited outdoor seating area in front of the store. You may also setup your favorite folding chair. Our store is located near the Marine Airbase flight path so it does get noisy sometimes

There is not much to see or do within walking distance. On Thursday thru Sunday there is a large outdoor market with hundreds of vendors just 5 minutes from our shop.


Working time is counted by the minute. We use a timer and bill by the total minutes spent on your job. If the job is interrupted or work stops, we stop the clock.

Our shop labor rate is $140 per hour. There will be 2-3 people working on your job.

Payment in full is required after completion of the work. We accept Cash (Federal Reserve Notes), Checks, Credit Cards or PayPal. We also will barter for Gold and Silver US coins or bullion. Discounts are available for Cash.


We are very proud of the quality of work we do and we know it is the best that you will find anywhere in the USA. See our Lifetime Guarantee. We welcome you to interact with us during the installation if you have any questions or concerns about anything.